David Moran
Web Developer

Web development has become an art – there is an ebb and flow between the behind-the-scenes code and the designed page that a user sees and interacts with on their phone or computer. This is what I love about developing websites, and I believe strongly that producing beautiful, captivating, and engaging pages starts with clean and powerful code.

This dichotomy carries over to my personal life where two of my favorite things to do are baking and boxing.  As a baker, my specialties are breads and pastries such as ciabatta, focaccia, and bizcocho.  While I started boxing as a way to get in shape, I quickly fell in love with the rush that came to me every time I entered the ring and have been training as a light-heavyweight since Spring of 2016.

Both baking and boxing require finesse and technique that allow me to express myself creatively, physically, mentally, and even emotionally. While these would be considered hobbies, I approach them with a passion and intensity that also carries over to developing websites. This means all in and one hundred percent effort for sure.

I graduated from Norwalk Community College with an associate degree in Computer Science, and am currently a Digital Media and Web Technology student at the University of Maryland graduating in Spring 2017.

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