John Powers, PhD
Senior Communications Consultant


At Reach Beyond, I take all the pieces and combine them into one exceptional product. I’m a career communicator—in my role as Reach Beyond’s senior communications consultant, I am the bridge of information between our company and yours. My sole responsibility is to ensure that we are all working on the same path towards success.

All of my present and past titles and positions—whether at Reach Beyond, as a professor at Quinnipiac University, formerly as a public relations director at Yale University, pursuing and completing Ph.D degree, a father, and the director of an international mission program—rely on a mentality that encourages team and builds up the talent surrounding me. As someone who works in a supervising position, I make it a point to be a hands-on resource for both my clients and my team members, getting the most out of everyone’s ability to reach our mutual goals and objectives.

Communicating thoughts, ideas, and messages has always been something I love to do, whether through digital platforms, classrooms, or in person. During high school and college I was always involved in sharing information about projects and events, and that has now evolved into a career in communications with an even wider scope of opportunity.

Work is a source of pride for me, and the interest I’ve garnered for communications extends beyond the office as well. My family and I have led and directed the Dominican Republic Mission Team for the last 25 years. This non-profit leads large groups of volunteers to help the less fortunate in the sugarcane fields of the eastern D.R. My wife and I are very involved in the lives of our three children and our church as well, and I still play competitive softball and other sports, though recently, I find that I am hurting myself as much as I am playing.

My “home away from home” – Batey 50, La Romana, Dominican Republic.

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