Jason Martins
Lead Web Developer


I try to be a strong person in every aspect of my life—from work, to education, and in my free time. My strengths are numerous (like my interests!), but can all be traced to a passion for making things work better.

I started off studying to be an Athletic Trainer at Quinnipiac University, but soon I switched my focus to Interactive Digital Design. I spent my time designing and creating websites and other visuals, and this passion continued to blossom. During my junior year, I decided to apply to grad school at Quinnipiac, and a short year later I attained my Master’s degree in Interactive Media and Communications in August 2015.

After graduation, I started my first job as a graphic designer, but I knew I wanted to pave my career more toward website design as quickly as possible. As a Web Designer at Reach Beyond, I am always thinking about the user that will be navigating the website I am creating, and do my best to ensure that it is as clean, convenient, and engaging as can be. There is more humanity in technology than meets the eye—we’re behind it all! That’s what I love most about working at Reach Beyond Marketing. It’s a close-knit group that works together in-person every single day to make digital marketing dreams a reality.

When I am not working behind a computer, I keep myself busy by going to the gym. I am a powerlifter, and won four weightlifting competitions during my time at Quinnipiac. When I’m not lifting, I love to play golf and spend time with my dog, Nina—she is my life. I’m a diverse person, coming from a Portuguese background, and I spoke Portuguese and Spanish before learning English in kindergarten. Like I said before –I have a lot of strengths!

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