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Social Media Manager


You might not believe it to meet me now, but I was a shy kid. My love for reading and writing helped me to find my own voice (assisted by an early newspaper delivery job with my parents in Manhattan). That passion eventually grew to encompass everything from the spoken and written word to photography, videography and graphic design.

Social media utilizes all forms of communication, and there is so much more to it than crafting the perfect tweet. I enjoy looking at a topic from all sides and finding the best way to tell its story through words, images, and videos. It’s an integral part of how people communicate today, and it’s pretty exciting to think my job didn’t even exist when I was in college!

I’m a two-time Bobcat, earning a B.A. in Journalism and M.S. in Interactive Communications from Quinnipiac University. My career has included a variety of communications and marketing roles in media, education, healthcare, business, and online retail. I’m eager to take all of my experience and put it to use for our clients at Reach Beyond Marketing.

My husband and I are first-time homeowners, so much of our free time is spent learning how to do things we never had to worry about growing up in NYC. Aside from that, we’re huge fans of the arts and can often be found at local theatrical productions, music venues, or movie theaters.

I make flowers out of ribbon!

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